Gibson Ripper Bass


Examples of Sunburst Rippers
Cherry Burst Ripper

This is what has been referred to as a Cherry Burst Ripper, I am not aware of more than a couple of these in existence. I would like to hear from you bass enthusiasts for any additional information you might provide on the Cherry Burst finish. Potentiometer numbers and serial numbers may also help narrow this down. If this was a factory finish it may have been an early option and could have precede the Gibson Ripper shipping numbers totals.

Cherry Burst Information
Dark Tobacco Burst Ripper

Here we have the dark tobacco burst and is believed to be among the first few made in production from late 74 to 75. Notice the small size of the yellow burst, the dark brown color representing the tobacco tint with very little red.

Dark Sunburst Ripper Information


Classic Sunburst Ripper

This is a classic example of the sunburst finish from 75 and 76 Rippers, notice the larger red tint to the burst with more red in the tobacco finish while retaining the smaller centered yellow burst.

Later Sunburst Ripper

From late 76 and on the bursts got larger with brighter yellowed centers. Most Rippers still had the red tint and the burst extended into the horns.